One month only! UK Hangsun Fans Can get 50% Discount on the SC100 Up to May 31st 2017

Sonic facial cleansing brushes are the must-have item in skincare right now. So for a limited time, Hangsun is offering UK customers 50% off of the SC100 face brush. Simply add this product to your basket on amazon and use discount code: CCN6YM26

Unlike more basic options out there, Hangsun’s facial brush uses sonic micro-vibrations to thoroughly and gently cleanse your skin. Brushes that rotate can be both overly harsh and inefficient. The Hangsun SC100 Facial Brush can remove the dirt and sebum hidden in your skin’s pores.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a sonic micro-vibration massage process created by sound waves that are transmitted at frequencies of over 300 vibrations per second, making for a powerful effect that is 7x better than hand-washing. It also helps follow-up skincare products sink properly into your skin.
Continued use of this cleanser can refine pores, smooth wrinkles, improve complexion and make the skin smooth and bright. Full product details can be found here.

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