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"I LOVE this steamer so much! If you're debating whether or not to get one, just do it. It's life changing. My boyfriend loves it too! My skin is so happy after I use it. It's therapeutic, cleans my skin very well and it's easily storable."

-Kamina FlemmingĀ āœ…Ā Ā Verified Buyer

IsĀ dull,Ā dry skinpart of your daily life? What aboutĀ acneĀ andĀ blackheads? Instead of spending hundredsĀ on multiple skin care products, invest in ourĀ IonĀ FACIAL Steamer!

Our Facial Steamer is formulated to transformĀ water into fine nano water molecules forĀ instant, deeperĀ hydration!Ā Soften your skinĀ andĀ openĀ your poresĀ for safe, clean extractions, or simply use it to give your skin aĀ brightĀ glow. With our Steamer, you'll love the way your skin looks!


āœ…Ā Ā CLEANSES SKIN:Ā Steaming opens up pores, loosening any excess impurities and bacteria buried deep inside the skin.Ā 

āœ…Ā Ā PROMOTES CIRCULATION:Ā Heat from the steamĀ dilates blood vessels in your face, boosting blood flow andĀ bringingĀ more oxygen to the surface of the skin.Ā Ā 

Ā āœ…Ā Ā HYDRATES SKIN: SteamingĀ temporarily advances the production of oil, effectively moisturizing the skin naturally.

āœ…Ā Ā INCREASES SKIN ABSORPTION:Ā Steam increases the skin's level of permeability, allowing for fuller absorption of topicals and skincare products.

Ā āœ…Ā Ā PROMOTES COLLAGENĀ & ELASTIN PRODUCTION:Ā Increased circulation brings increased blood flow to the skin, leaving the skin firmer and younger-looking.

āœ…Ā Ā SINUS CONGESTION RELIEF:Ā Steam can aid in opening up the sinuses, relieving sinus pressure and headaches that often accompany congestion.

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