Becoming a member of Hangsun Family

Recruitment business is equal of people business, our employees are the most important human capital to us. We hire people with different background and experience, and keep investing on them and let them grow up with us. Standard Codes is building up a platform to cultivate and attract best recruiters to join, and support them make their dream come true.

We list the below 8 reasons which you should join us for long term career in recruitment

1  International working environment
2  Sufficient internal training and sharing
3  Unparalleled earning potential
4  Highly specialized team structure
5  Clear SOP and policy
6  Strong internal collaboration
7  More internal opportunities for fast business growing
8  Powerful Business Process Management system and supportive back-office

The people we need

●  Like challenge but also respect the rule
●  Full of passion but also well organized
●  Presentable but also good at listening
●  Team work but also independent
●  Result driven but also service oriented
●  Work hard but also enjoy life